Our Team

Jeralyn K. Clark

BSc Program Officer

(231) 775-204-677

Jeralyn K. Clark, is a 2009 graduate of the University of Liberia and holds a BSc degree in Accounting and Management. Since completion her education, Ms. Clark, worked as a junior and senior manager in Liberia at some key administrative and banking institutions with distinction. Ms. Clark is a key women and girls Advocate and community leader in Liberia. Ms. Clark is passionate and committed to girls and women rights’ issues in her church and community. She is also a grassroots and community organizer who is committed to the rights of women and girls raped and abused. Ms. Clark expresses deep concern and is committed to survivors of rape, sexual and gender-based violence of women and girls in Liberia. Jeralyn K. Clark comes to Africa Center for Law and Human Rights with commitment and wealth of private and public sectors experience. Ms. Clark can be reached by way of phone/email :( 231) 775-204-677/Jeralyn.africacenterforlaw@outlook.com

Vivian Johnson

BBA in Accounting

Project Director

(231) 776-312-050

Vivian N. Johnson is a 2019 graduate of the University of Liberia. Ms. Johnson is an Advocate for women and children’s rights and a promising community and women leader in her community in Liberia. Ms. Johnson is also a passionate believer and leader in the rights of pretrial detainees, particularly women and girls arrested, detained and denied due process of law. Ms. Johnson has many years of rights’ commitment for equal treatment before law and she is highly passionate about the human rights of women and girls who are sexually abused and violated by powerful and wealthy men in Liberia. Ms. Johnson is Office Manager and Project Director at Africa Center for Law.

Attorney-At-Law Fofie V. Karama

B.A, LL. B

Director of Litigation

(231) 881-750-891

Attorney Kamara has truly come a long way. Prior to studying at the Louis Artur Grimes School of Law and been admitted as Attorney-At-Law, Attorney Kamara, worked with the Monrovia City Court as a bailiff for more than 5years. Later, Attorney Kamara was appointed as Sheriff of the 6th Judicial Circuit, Civil Law Court for Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia. To date, Attorney Kamara is an active trial attorney practicing law before the courts of Liberia. Attorney Kamara has a combined experience of nearly 20 years of working with criminal defendants and pretrial detainees.

Stephen Miller

Human Rights Advocate and Court Liaison

(231) 775-204-677

Mr. Stephen Miller brings a wealth of nearly 18 years rule of law, pretrial detention and human rights advocacy to help execute every project at Africa Center for Law and Human Rights. Mr. Miller has worked for nearly 18 years as Court Liaison particularly working with the Criminal Courts of Liberia. He has huge experience and expertise in visiting pretrial detainees, families and communities. Mr. Miller documents and quarterly reports the number of pretrial detainees kept behind bars in Montserrado, Bomi, Margibi, Bong and Grand Bassa and other parts of Liberia and particular in the counties of Liberia.

Santher Kesselly

Women and Children Rights Coordinator

(231) 775-705-549

Ms. Kesselly is a community leader and passionate about women and girls empowerment. She is a community leader and advocate for pretrial detainees and women in her community. Ms. Kesselly helped in the writing of all grant projects for the Center and she has huge community connection and advocacy in Liberia.

Anges T. Kayea

Director of Social and Employment Services

(231) 880-992-817

Working in close collaboration with the management team of Africa Center for Law, Ms. Teh will supervise, coordinate and manage the social and rehabilitation support and services to pretrial detainees, rape victims and communities receiving support and services at Africa Center for Law. Agnes will oversee and manage the enrollment and successful graduation of pretrial detainees and rape victims. Agnes is and will be the chief liaison to the pretrial detainee and rape community.

Kolo J. Mulbah


Director of Healthcare Services

(231) 775-204-677

The Director of Healthcare at Africa Center for Law brings wealth of nearly 8 years public health experience to Africa Center for Law. She has a combined experience of 10 years of providing healthcare support and services to the larger Liberian society. She is an asset to the programs and services to survivors of torture and pretrial detention centers. Ms. Mulbah will supervise and coordinate the healthcare services to pretrial detainees and rape victims at Africa Center for Law at all healthcare events and meetings. Kolo has worked for MSF France, MSF Belgium and 7 years at Redemption Hospital, a key hospital in Monrovia, Liberia.

Fredrick A.B. Jayweh

B.A, LL. B, LL.M

International Affairs Director and Senior Trial Counsel

Mr. Jayweh, is the International Affairs Director of Africa Center for Law and Human Rights and was once an 18-year resident of Colorado, United States of America. Counsellor Jayweh is a graduate of University of Denver College of Law/Strum College of Law and holds a Master of Laws (LL.M. degree). Also, Mr. Jayweh is a graduate of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia and the African Bible College/African Bible College University. Mr. Jayweh was the Executive Director of Center for Immigrants established in the State of Colorado, United States of America. He has managed Office for Refugee Resettlement (ORR), United Nations, Colorado Foundations and Faith-based projects that amounted to more than US$1.5 Million. Mr. Jayweh has a combined experience and expertise of nearly 20 years in human rights work and management. He is also a former acting social services director at Rocky Mountain Survivors Center, (RMSC), a Colorado and United States-based refugee and torture treatment agency in Colorado, USA; Mr. Jayweh, is a member of the Supreme Court and the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice Bar Association and former Magisterial Judge at Monrovia City Court. Mr. Jayweh helped to research and to write every project.