Our Strategy

Our Strategy: The Africa Center for Law and Human Rights will collaborate with humane entities to advance transparency, accountability, freedom of expression, and ensure compliance with civil and political rights. Economic, social, and cultural rights shall also be addressed through advocacy, research and publication, education and training, strategic litigation, capacity building, and awareness campaigns before the law in Africa. We will work toward equality of representation in the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice, the African Court on Human and Peoples Rights, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), and the International Criminal Court (ICC) as needed. Promoting human rights compliance will enhance the respect of human and peoples’ rights in Africa.

Our Focus
i. Health Rights
ii. Freedom of Speech and Expression
iii. Equality before the Law
iv. Economic, Social Culture Rights
v. Right of the Child
vi. Rights of Women
vii. Environmental Justice
viii. Freedom of Religion
ix. Indigenous Rights
ix. Death Penalty
xi. War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

Community Empowerment

In addition to our core programs and activities, the Africa Center for Law and Human Rights will conduct two anti-corruption education and training for 100 justices of the peace, magistrates, and judges per year in Monrovia, Liberia, Abuja, Nigeria, and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, West and East Africa. Working in collaboration with other human right bodies, we will prepare and publish an Integrity, Ethics, and Anti-Corruption workbook for justices of the peace, magistrates, and trial judges and judicial personnel. The workbook and affiliated training shall incorporate the logistics of legal referendums and be disseminated biannually through human rights conferences and workshops.

Our Focus: Protecting the Rule of Law and Human Rights in Africa

Mission: Promoting the Rule of Law and international charters in Africa

Vision: Global collaboration on tribunal and human rights compliance by 2030